True Conservative Values

Bill Armistead, Shana Kluck, John Killian and Stephen Gordon at a campaign event

I first met Bill Armistead at a Tea Party long before Tea Parties were cool. It was at a rally at the Winfrey Hotel on August 9, 2003, when thousands of conservative activists from around the Alabama showed up in order to organize against a billion dollar tax increase plan known as Amendment One. This Tea Party event drew an overflow crowd and the fire marshal wouldn’t let additional people into the meeting. As an event organizer, I was privileged to be able to spend a lot of time with Bill that day.

Bill stood up to “the establishment” and spoke up for Alabama’s conservative values that day, as he has consistently done since then. We’ve worked together on a variety of campaigns and causes since 2003 and he’s always been on the principled side of whatever issue we were working at the time.

For all too long, serious supporters of small government haven’t even had a seat at the GOP table — both nationally and in Alabama. With Bill at the helm, fiscal conservatives will once again have a voice in party politics.

By his actions, Bill has shown a long track record in support of Alabama’s conservative values and he has always been willing to place his principles ahead of political expediency. Without hesitation, I’ll be supporting Bill for Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party — and I strongly encourage others to do the same.


Stephen P. Gordon
Tea Party Activist
Member of Jefferson County GOP Executive Committee
Chairman, Alabama Republican Liberty Caucus

© Bill Armistead, Candidate for Chairman, Alabama Republican Party